In spite of all the awareness why is suicide more prevelant?

Somehow we have lost this, we text, we Facebook message, we Insta message, we watch stories, we scroll the feed and think we know what’s really going on with one another, and yet we couldn’t be more disengaged, more lonely and more isolated than ever before. Real love, the love that Christ shows us

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It works for you, but not for me.

For me, I realize that where I’m at shows how much I have healed. I pray that while you may disagree with me and you may find my faith annoying, you will still listen to my story, and do your best to keep an open mind. 

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The Why

This can’t be happening again? That’s the question I asked myself a year ago when I was diagnosed with depression for the third time. After an almost complete lifestyle change how am I here again? All these questions, lead me here,…

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