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The Battle of Redemption.

Things were different this round of depression. I was equipped. My gloves were up, ready to battle, but all the routines and practices that had worked before weren’t working this time. As I sat there recounting my story, I was secretly begging for her to impart some words of wisdom that no one else had. More was at stake.

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Grief will not be solved in five stages.

There is no formula for grief, and there is no predictability. We must understand that grief will never be fully understood.

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Why grieving matters: How our society embraces celebration but ignores grief.

In world that is moving in a rapid pace we need to slow down. We need to allow ourselves the time to grieve. Not only grieve a loss, but unmet expectations, disappointments, betrayals, etc.,

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In spite of all the awareness why is suicide more prevelant?

Somehow we have lost this, we text, we Facebook message, we Insta message, we watch stories, we scroll the feed and think we know what’s really going on with one another, and yet we couldn’t be more disengaged, more lonely and more isolated than ever before. Real love, the love that Christ shows us

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The heartbreak and confusion of suicide.

I spent years trying to understand it, and to be honest I still don’t have all the answers, but I have resigned to the fact, that there will be things that I never will understand.

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