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Five daily practices to live well with anxiety and depression.

  Awareness is good, but solutions are what we need. More people are committing suicide every day, and more young adults are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds than ever before. Awareness is all the buzz, but no real change has…

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In spite of all the awareness why is suicide more prevelant?

Somehow we have lost this, we text, we Facebook message, we Insta message, we watch stories, we scroll the feed and think we know what’s really going on with one another, and yet we couldn’t be more disengaged, more lonely and more isolated than ever before. Real love, the love that Christ shows us

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Redemption (Testimony Part III).

The good news is after reaching bottom, the only way out is up. I found a job in Salado at a jewelry store and started fresh. My step-dad was the most amazing support during this. He never judged me, he…

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My Story…..

My response to what happened to me was normal considering the gravity of how much my life had changed, but really I wasn’t processing anything and I managed to stuff it all down and carry on.

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T-ball Practice…..yeah, t-ball practice.

Sometimes anxiety comes at the most unexpected times for what seems like the littlest of things.  Can I tell you I still have nightmares that I didn’t graduate college. That I get a phone call and there’s one class that…

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The Why

This can’t be happening again? That’s the question I asked myself a year ago when I was diagnosed with depression for the third time. After an almost complete lifestyle change how am I here again? All these questions, lead me here,…

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